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Natalie Legere artist painter

Natalie Legere artist painter

Natalie C. Légère

Born in Moncton, N.B. in 1982, Natalie Légère has a Multidisciplinary Arts Degree (Université de Moncton). Her first solo show Mandala was at The Moncton Public Library in 2005. She ran a Reiki Studio and Holistic Health Centre, 2006-2014, In the last 5 years she has done live art, presented in group shows and taken many continuing studies courses and professional workshops For artists. In 2018, she took a Business course for Aboriginal Artists with Natalie Sappier through Culture Plus, an online business course for artists and the Catapult Arts Accelerator Program with Sarah Jones at ArtsLink NB. She is currently under mentorship with Barbara Safran de Niverville thanks to l’Association des Artistes Acadien.ne.s Professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick  (AAAPNB). Her new space Galerie d’Art Natalie Légère Art Gallery, is on Main St. in Woodstock, NB, and is opening in January 2019. She lives in Woodstock First Nations with her spouse Jim, their son James and three legged dog Tinta.