Natalie Légère: About, Artist Statement and Bio. Painting Chronos 3, 30”x30”, mixed media on canvas.

Artist Statement

What interests me is colour’s ability to evoke emotions, memories and worlds. I’ve noticed for example that my colour choices change according to the seasons, if I travel and according to my state of being.  I try to express, with sensitivity and reflection, the complex spectrum of emotions and thoughts we have, using combinations of colours informed from my sensory experiences.

I draw geometric forms, one next to the other; sometimes they are delineated by colorful lines that separate them, other times, the line is imperceptible and the shapes of different colors define themselves among each other.  Each shape is unique and consists of choices in variables such as: the angles, the color, the size, the curve (if there is one) and it’s placement within the composition.  The relationships between these shapes make for an active visual reading where the eye bounces between the many small fragments of the non-linear network.


Natalie Legere artist painter

Natalie C. Légère

Natalie Légère was born in Moncton, New-Brunswick, Canada.  She received a BA in 2008, from the Université de Moncton.  Légère has presented solo exhibitions at The Moncton Public Library, Moncton, NB, and is currently exhibiting Triangles 3/3/3 at the Natalie Légère Art Gallery, Woodstock, NB.  Her recent group exhibits include Third Space's Members Pop-Up at SJTL, Saint-John, NB.  Légère was part of last year‘s Catapult Arts Accelerator Program, this year, she participated in Genie Arts and will attend the Naked State Artists Residency.  Légère is teaching: "Think Like An Artist: A 12 Week Workshop", her exhibition: Thunder 626, is opening June 26th at the Natalie Légère Art Gallery, 626 Main Street, Woodstock, NB.  She currently lives in Woodstock First Nations, NB, Canada.



Natalie Célèste Légère, BA 

626 Main Street,

Woodstock, NB, Canada


1982 - born Moncton, N.B, Canada, currently lives in Woodstock First Nations, N.B. Canada.


2008 - B.A - Multidisciplinary, Concentrations in Visual-Arts, French Literature and Artistic Expression, Université de Moncton, Moncton, N.B. 

Solo Exhibits

(Upcoming) Galerie 12, Aberdeen Cultural Center, Moncton, NB.

(Upcoming) 2020 - Galerie Sans Nom, Members Wall, Moncton, NB, August.

2019 - Thunder 626, Natalie Légère Gallery, Woodstock, N.B.

2019 - Triangles 3/3/3, Natalie Légère Art Gallery, Woodstock, N.B.

2005 - Mandala, Moncton Public Library, Moncton, N.B, July.

Group Exhibits

(Upcoming) 2019 - Naked State Artist Residency, Bare Oaks Family Park, Ontario.

2018 - Third Space Members POP Up Show, Saint-John. NB, December.

2013 - Sculpture Class End of Year Show, Triangle Gallery, Université de Moncton, April.

2006 - Artists Café, McKenzie Art Gallery, Moncton, June.

2006 - Annual Student Auction, Louise & Rueben Cohen Art Gallery (GALRC), Université de Moncton, Moncton.

2000 - Operation: Open Heart, Galerie d’Art de l Université de Moncton (GAUM) now known as the Galerie d’ Art Louise & Rueben Cohen, (GALRC), Moncton, February.


(Upcoming) August 2019: Naked State Artists Residency, Arts Unfold, Bare Oaks, ON.

Artist Talks

(Upcoming) 2019 - Naked State Residency, Bare Oaks Family Park, Ontario.

2019 - “The Thunder Series”, Natalie Légère Art Gallery, Woodstock, N.B.

2018 - Catapult, ArtsLink NB, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB.

Live Art

2017, 2014 - 2012 - "Go Beyond Earth Day", Moncton, April.

2014 - "Art Jam", Café C’est La Vie, Moncton, N.B., April.

Special Projects - Workshops Offered

2019 - “Think Like An Artist: A 12 Week Workshop”, Natalie Légère Art Gallery, Woodstock, NB.

2019 - “Génie Arts”, curricula through Arts, École Le Sommet, Moncton, NB.


2019 - Jared Betts, organized by ArtsLink NB.

2018 - Barbara Safran de Niverville, organized by AAAPNB.

Further Education & Workshops

2019 - Wrapping, Packing and Transporting Artworks Workshop, Paul-Édouard Bourque, Edmonston, NB.

2019 - Introduction to Photoshop, Maurice Henri, Moncton, NB, Canada.

2017-19 - Better naming and discerning your artistic process: a toolbox, with Catherine Voyer-Léger, presented by AAAPNB.

2018 - Catapult Accelerator Program for Artists, with Sarah Jones through ArtsLink NB, Fredericton.

2018 - Residencies and Other Opportunities for Artists with Eryn Foster, through ArtsLink NB, Florenceville-Bristol, November. 

2018 - Arts Writing Intensive with Merray Gerges and Yaniya Lee from Canadian Art Magazine, presented by ArtsLink NB, Saint-John.

2018 - Business Tips For Artist, ArtsLinkNB, Fredericton..

2018 - The Working Artist Master Class with Crista Cloutier.

2018 - Photographing and Documenting Artwork, with Paul Litherland, presented by AAAPNB, Moncton.

2018 - Art of Managing Your Career - Aboriginal Program, with Natalie Sappier, presented by Culture Plus, Fredericton, N.B.

2018 - Linocut Workshop with Andy at Atelier Imago, Moncton.

2016 - Framing your Artwork, Emily Carr University, Vancouver.

2013 - 2012 Sculpture I & II, 6 credits, Université de Moncton, Moncton.

2013 - Drawing 1, 3credits, Université de Moncton, Moncton.

2012 - Photography 1, 3 credits, Université de Moncton, Moncton.


2017-2019 - Galerie Sans-Nom (GSN), artist run-center, Moncton, NB

2018-19 - Third Space, Saint-John, NB.

2018-19 - Arts Link NB, Saint-John, NB.

2018-19 - Canadian Artists Representation Front d’artiste.s - Maritimes (CARFAC).

2001-19 - Association des Artist.e.s Professionals du Nouveau-Brunswick (AAAPNB).

2019 - Connexion ARC - Artist-run Center, Fredericton, NB

2019 - Galerie 12, Moncton, NB.