Natalie Légère Kronos 1 Mandala médecine wheel clock abstract grid pattern colorful prismacolor arts

Kronos 1

Drawing on Canvas, 14” x 14”, 1.5”, 2018

Pastel abstract triangle grid mandala modern art contemporary colourful bright hopeful hard edge tip

Pastel 3

Pencil on Canvas, 30” x 24” x 1.5”, 2018.


Building a grid

When I took the first drawing and started layering the shapes, a grid emerged organically, This style has long bent lines bound together by shorter opposing ones, reminiscent of an Abstract Roman Numerals Clock. From this later came a tree trunk inspired shape of Kronos.

Pregnant dream natalie Legere fine art drawing pencil paper abstract Mandala chronos deconstructed


“Genesis is a small series of drawings I made in 2016. I was pregnant, living in Vancouver, and I woke up from a dream. This image of red tunnel was vivid in my mind and I set out to draw it.”

“It was was an important moment for me because I started deconstructing Mandalas or circles in a new way.”

Beadwork Techniques

Circular Medalions

I was taught to do medallions by Sarah Underdown in Victoria, B.C. in 2016. This method centres around beading a spiral, from the outside going in. We can use a drawing in the Center to help create the image but I mostly like starting without an end in mind. I really enjoy putting the beads together in a spontaneous way. I use this idea of working inwards or outwards from the Center In my drawings as well.

Wampum Stitch

Natalie Legere with Jeorgina Larocque bear clan lion clan grandmother Canada nb beading beadwork

Grandma Jeaorgina taught me the Wampum Stitch method of beadworking. This is durable work because every single bead is sewn in individually using a circular stitch. I started making drawings inspired by this conceptual repetition of movement using elements of it In pattern. I enjoy beadworking because of the creative aspects in patterns with beautiful, colourful beads.

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